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Historical Studies in Education: Free and Online

The editor of Historical Studies in Education is pleased to announce that the Spring 2014 issue of Historical Studies in Education is now available on line and at no cost.Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que le numéro de printemps 2014 de la Revue d'histoire de l'éducation est maintenant disponible en accès libre.


Articles / Articles

The First Fifty Years of the École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal: From “School of Higher Studies” to University Business School

David McKeagan


The ‘Bilingual Incubator’: Student Attitudes Towards Bilingualism at Glendon College,

1966 1971

James Trepanier, Robert Englebert


One Officer Factory: The Royal Military College and Officer Education since 1955

Randall Wakelam


Educational Reform in Ontario: The Importance of Pleasant Avenue School, 1962–1975

Kurt Clausen


Debate on the Teaching of History in Quebec / Débat sur l’enseignement de l’histoire au Québec: Épilogue sur le débat sur l’enseignement de l’histoire au Québec

Marc-André Éthier, Jean-François Cardin, David Lefrançois


Review Essay / Essai critique

After Social History

Sol Cohen


Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

Lyse Roy et Yves Gingras, dir., Les Universités nouvelles. Enjeux et perspectives

par Micheline Cambron


Matthew Levin, Cold War University: Madison and the New Left in the Sixties

by Bruce Douville


Stéphane Lembré, L’école des producteurs. Aux origins de l’enseignement technique en France (1800–1940)

par Gabriel Arsenault


Mona Gleason, Small Matters: Canadian Children in Sickness and Health

by Cynthia Comacchio


Robert Craig Brown, Arts & Science at Toronto: A History, 1827–1990

by John P.M. Court


Thomas S. Popkewitz, ed., Rethinking the History of Education: Transnational Perspectives on Its Questions, Methods, and Knowledge

by Karl Dehli


James E. Block, The Crucible of Consent: American Child Rearing and the Forging of Liberal Society

by Anthony Di Mascio


George D. Perry, The Grand Regulator: The Miseducation of Nova Scotia’s Teachers, 1838–1997

by Larry A. Glassford


Hilary E. Wyss, English Letters and Indian Literacies: Reading, Writing and New England Missionary Schools, 1750–1830

by Thomas Peace 

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