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Joint day of Congress CAAS and CALACS

Transatlantic childhoods: Africa and Latin America / Enfances transatlantiques: Afrique et Amérique latine

Panel sponsored by the Canadian Historical Association

 Friday May 3rd, 2013,  11-12:30  Carleton University, Tory Building 342

Joint day of Congress CAAS and CALACS (Canadian Association of African Studies and Canadian Association of Latin American and Canadian Studies)

Chair: Dominique Marshall, Canadian Historical Association and Carleton University

1. Nation Building with Care: Bringing Child Health to Africa, Marie-Luise Ermisch, Ph.D. candidate, History, McGill

2. Le travail infantile en Équateur au milieu du 19e siècle, Hélène Rompré, Étudiante post-doctorale, Département d’histoire, Carleton University

 3. Defining Juvenile Offenders in Colonial Kenya: An Investigation into the Incarceration of Kikuyu girls during the Mau Mau Uprising, c. 1952-1960,  Erin Bell, Ph.D. candidate, History, McGill University

 4. Enfants déracinés et identification ethnique : Le cas des immigrants amérindiens de deuxième génération à San Luis Potosí au début du dix-septième siècle, Laurent Corbeil, candidate, History, McGill University


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